Kaskou, the game on prevention and safety
Falls, burns, the dangers of water and more seriously drowning, poisoning and suffocation, together with road accidents. Accidents in the home and during leisure activities affect many people in Luxembourg and Europe and the proportion of children among the victims is alarming. As a consequence of this sad reality, Foyer is keen to play an active role as a socially responsible company within the role of risk prevention. What could be a creative and effective method of illustrating and teaching awareness to our children and from an early too – well, what could be better than a game to show them the hazards of everyday life.
Connected toys are great fun and very dangerous
Some games and toys are security nightmares. We aren’t talking about sharp edges, toxic materials or small parts, but hacking and targeted marketing. The rise of the “Internet of Things” conquered the toy market from the very beginning. Stores and e-commerce sites all promote these toys of the future, which will apparently be more fun and offer wider functionality and greater security. But reality calls for a little more caution. Cuddly toys, robots and apps keep a close eye on your children and gather information about them. They can also be used as backdoors by hackers. Here’s how to protect your children and your network.
Pedestrians, get visible!
This coming Saturday, 26 October, we will be switching back an hour to winter time. At 3 o'clock in the morning, it will therefore really be 2 o'clock. While the unpleasant effects of this time shift on our biological clocks in terms of sleep or appetite spontaneously come to mind, the consequences go much further than that... As soon as we change time, it will get dark earlier and visibility will be greatly reduced between 6 and 8 am and from 5 pm, times of the day when many people are travelling for instance to and back from school or work. Studies show a connection between the time shift and road accidents in this period. On foot or bicycle, these are called 'vulnerable users', and drivers are not sufficiently aware of the possible consequences. While a pedestrian or cyclist can clearly see the headlights of a car hundreds of metres away, the same is not true for motorists. Pedestrians always have priority, and as a socially responsible player, Foyer wants to stress this right and suggest a few best practices to make these users less vulnerable.
How should you value the contents of your home?
Home insurance covers the building as well as its contents. Your premium will depend on the value of the contents you want to insure. Do you have to put down everything or only count valuables? Should you specify the price new, the present value or the replacement cost? How do you declare contents to your insurer? In this article, we help you to answer each of these questions, to make sure that your insurance policy provides protection as close as possible to reality.
Sustainable housing: how can you reduce your electricity consumption?
Improving energy efficiency has become a priority for every household. For the environment and the climate of course, but also because energy prices keep going up. This means that every investment linked to electricity consumption becomes profitable more quickly. But there are other good practices apart from investments, which are sometimes very easy to put in place. Here are some examples.
Our tips for combating pollution
Are you tired of hearing bad news about the environment? The damage we do to nature and to ourselves can be reduced by adopting some good habits. It is a personal commitment. Your neighbour may not do the same, but at least you will have tried to change things. The term pollution covers a whole range of bad things, including air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc. Plastic waste, chemicals and fossil fuels attract the most criticism. Let’s see what we can do as individuals to reduce our impact.
What to do in the event of bad weather
The weather in Luxembourg is neither the most generous nor the most hazardous. We don’t have hurricanes, but we have storms. We don’t have tsunamis, but we have heavy rain. Storms – sometimes accompanied by heavy rain, strong winds, hail and lightning – can wreak havoc in a short period of time. Climate change and disruption to the seasons are also increasing the frequency of severe weather. Meteorological emergencies are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. In this article, we offer some tips that should help you prepare your home and respond properly to all storms.
The nine best ways to prevent burglaries
All victims of burglary say the same thing – you feel your privacy has been violated and it takes time to feel safe again in your home. While stolen goods are quickly forgotten, since they are reimbursed by the insurance company, the trauma is harder to overcome. No house is completely safe from a burglary attempt. But there are some very useful and often simple tips – many of which are just good practice – which could help you to protect your home. We have selected the nine top tips for you to adopt daily or before setting off on holiday.
Everything you need to know to prepare a successful move.
Your dream house: tick! Official documents: tick! Keys: also tick! Now the real work begins: the move.  Moving house tops the list of stressful experiences. However, they can go smoothly with proper organisation. We have prepared the following tips to make life easier between the initial decision to move house and the day you finally move into your new home.